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Scottish Island Peaks Race
 Race Details
Race Date Friday, 18 May 2018
Start Time 12:00 noon
Venue Oban to Troon
Website http://www.scottishislandspeaksrace.com
Distance 100 km
Climb 4500 m
Record (M) 9:34:47 - Jack Maitland/Alan Farningham (1990)
Record (F) - Angela Mudge/Helene Diamantides (1998)

Running Records:
Mull: 3hr 18m - Andy and Joe Symonds, 2009
Jura: 3hr 4m 30s - Mark Rigby/Ian Ferguson, 1994
Goatfell: 2hr 54m 22s - Jack Maitland/Alan Farningham, 1990
King of the Bens: 9hr 34m 47s - Jack Maitland/Alan Farningham, 1990

Oban - The race kicks off with a klaxon at 12 noon Friday outside the Oban Sailing Club for a swift 4 mile cross country course to break up the field, before rowing out to the boats.

Mull - The run on Mull is by far the toughest, both physically and psychologically. There is some awful boggy terrain on the hill, and it's a long, long run out to the hill and back. You can expect to feel reasonably shattered after this run.

Jura - Jura is also tough, but psychologically easier than Mull, since once out the way, you know you only have Arran to go. The 3 Paps will be familiar to anyone who's done the Jura Fell Race, although the approach to and from the hills is slightly different, with a few minor route choices to consider.

Arran - Arran is a piece of cake (technically) compared with the other runs, however the likelihood is you'll be running in the middle of the night having had little or no sleep, so don't expect to feel too fresh. If you've anything left in your legs, it's a great feeling rounding Clauchland Heights on the return leg with Lamlash Bay opening out in front, for the final sprint back to the boat.

Troon - After Arran, all that remains is a leisurely sail across to Troon to complete the journey.

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