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Creag Dhubh Hill Race
 Race Details
Race Date Saturday, 03 August 2019
Start Time 3:15pm
Venue The Eilan, Newtonmore
Website http://newtonmorehighlandgames.co.uk
Distance 5.6 km
Climb 370 m
Record (M) 0:26:49 - Finlay Wild (2019)
Record (F) 0:32:21 - Angela Mudge (2006)
The race begins with a full lap of the games field before heading towards the hill via an obstacle course of 2 barriers, a lumpy field full of thistles, 2 more fences, a river, some rounded boulders, a very steep bank, another fence right next to a crash barrier, across a road and then you can finally start running properly.

The race proper after the initial scramble starts with a wide gravel track leading towards the birch woods of Coille na Creige Duibhe, where a narrow path leads through grass, and rising to a narrower rockier trail through heather to the fine perched summit of An Torr.

The descent is fast and exciting down heather initially and then back down the narrow trail with little chance of overtaking until lower down. Then after the road crossing the same crazy obstacle course of 5 fences plus a river to cross, before a final lap of the games field to finish.

 Previous Results
YearWinnerFirst Lady
2019 Finlay Wild (0:26:49) Kelli Roberts (0:33:01)
2018 Rob Jebb (0:29:59) Sharon Taylor (0:35:51)
2017 Phil Mowbray (0:32:01) Tessa Strain (0:34:44)
2016 Alasdair McLeod (0:28:47) Stephanie Provan (0:34:41)
2015 Jack Wood (0:30:08) Caitlin Rice (0:36:00)
2014 Murray Strain (0:27:36) Christina Rankin (0:34:12)
2013 Colin Donnelly (0:29:34) Charlotte Morgan (0:35:26)
2012 James Waldie (0:30:24) Fiona Hughes (0:36:05)
2011 Matthew Roberts (0:30:06) Fiona Hughes (0:35:48)
2010 Hector Haines (0:29:40) Cathy Slimon (0:40:35)
2009 Robbie Simpson (0:28:42) Gill Irvine (0:38:21)
2008 Colin Donnelly (0:29:37) Claire Gordon (0:37:45)
2007 Colin Donnelly (0:29:15) Fiona Maxwell (0:36:16)
2006 Simon Bailey (0:27:11) Angela Mudge (0:32:21)
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