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Merrick Hill Race
 Race Details
Race Date Sunday, 15 September 2019
Start Time 12:00 noon
Venue Glen Trool, Galloway
Website N/A
Distance 12.4 km
Climb 750 m
Record (M) 1:06:20 - Gregor Stewart (2015)
Record (F) 1:18:46 - Kerstin Leslie (2015)

The race starts near Bruce’s Stone with an immediate steep climb of 673ft up the Fell of Eschoncan (1,148ft, stone cairn, not trig point). From there follow a rough path north for half a mile to a forest road. Cross the road and follow the deer fence for about 300 yards up to the wooden style. Climb over the style and follow the route marks up the Bennan hill and then follow the marks through the line of rock outcrops until you reach the deer fence just before the stone wall. Turn left and follow the fence round to the second wooden style. After crossing it, go almost straight ahead through a dip in the rocks for about 200 yards and follow a faint path leading to the wall. Follow the wall northwards a short distance to the steel gate. Go through it.

This is a marshal point so you shouldn’t need to close the gate yourself but if for any reason there is no marshal there you must close it if you are on your own or last of a group.

Turn left to follow the wall to the corner or take a short cut by going straight ahead to join the wall and the tourist path leading up to Benyellary (2,359ft). Follow the wall over the summit and down 190ft to the col at the Neive of the Spit. The wall at this point is in poor repair and you can pass the Neive on either side of the wall. From there, turn right, away from the wall to follow the tourist path to the summit of the Merrick (2,765ft).

Bamboo canes topped with hi-viz tape or paint mark the route from Eschoncan up to the second style, after that follow the wall and path. If misty, marks will be set where the route leaves the Neive to join the path where it curves away from the wall.

The final ascent from the Neive of the Spit to Merrick summit is a wide, featureless slope. Take care to find and use the summit path in mist. If you do get lost at this point, head north until you reach either the path or a steep drop, Black Gairy, if the latter then turn east to regain the path.

The route down is to exactly follow the up route. If the top is in cloud take great care leaving the cairn as the path near the summit is indistinct for the first 100 yards or so. It is very easy to head off in the wrong direction. If you lose the path on the descent, head southwest to reach the wall.

Any runner retiring from the race must report this to the nearest marshal, another runner, or at race control.

The race is bound by Scottish Hill Runners (SHR) rules. All runners taking part are required to carry with them a map, compass, whistle and full body cover. Every runner’s gear is checked at registration and any not complying will not be allowed to start.

For full safety info go to: http://www.scottishhillrunners.uk/Safety.aspx

ENTRIES: ENTRY CENTRAL, or on the day but preferably EC.


The Forest Enterprise visitor centre will be open at Stroan Bridge (GR372786). Tea, coffee etc, and toilets are available there. For the event there will a Portaloo located in the Bruce’s Stone carpark.

PRIZEGIVING: At Bruce’s Stone ASAP after the race finishes and the paperwork done.


Parking is mainly in the tourist car park below Bruce’s Stone. Competitors cars will not be allowed access to the small upper car park which is reserved for the race organisers and helpers. Please follow the directions of the marshals.

 Previous Results
YearWinnerFirst Lady
2019 Bob Wiseman (1:28:18) Lucinda Beresford (1:50:18)
2018 Ian Docwra (1:21:09) Megan Fileman (1:58:50)
2017 Adam Anderson (1:28:15) Jo Schreiber (1:52:02)
2016 Rhys Findlay-Robinson (1:16:03) Louise Roberts (1:36:46)
2015 Gregor Stewart (1:06:20) Kerstin Leslie (1:18:46)
2014 Jim Haworth (1:10:58) Lorna Mahoney (1:27:32)
2013 Jim Haworth (1:07:36) Jo Schreiber (1:26:45)
2012 Alan Cherry (1:26:15) Shirley Singh (1:56:09)
2011 David Parrish (1:32:01) Shirley Singh (2:01:04)
2010 Steven Fallon (1:32:35) Fabienne Thompson (2:06:00)
2009 Adam Anderson (1:41:18) Shirley Singh (2:03:05)
2007 Brian Marshall (1:24:02) Elke Prasad (1:38:25)
 Runners by Year
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